Trick or Treat? Don’t give your teeth a fright this Halloween.

With Halloween approaching we will soon be surrounded by sweet and sticky treats.

Trick or treating and Halloween parties all centre round the giving out or winning of sweets.

We would like to give you some advice on how to look after your teeth, while still having a fun Halloween!

  • Sugar free treats – Why not swap the usual sweets for sugar free versions. There are more and more sugar-free chocolates and sweets available to buy online and in stores.

  • Don’t leave the kids in charge of their sweets. Keep them in a secret place and then you will be in control of dealing them out.

  • Limit the frequency – The more often sugar is eaten the higher the chance of decay. Keep your childs Halloween treats to around meal times as a dessert.

By using these tips we can all enjoy Halloween while being kind to our teeth.

Happy Halloween from Hope Park Dental Practice!