Are you stuck for something to give to a loved one this Christmas? Have you considered teeth whitening as a gift? It may not be conventional but it would make a great gift for someone who has always thought about doing it but perhaps didn’t have the budget.

Teeth Whitening is painless and most of the work is carried out at home so the treatment is convenient for busy people. And the results are amazing after just 2 to 3 weeks. After moulds are taken of the teeth, trays are created into which whitening gel is placed and then these fit snugly around your teeth. Wearing the trays overnight is best but even just a few hours a day can give good results.

What are the benefits of teeth whitening?

  1. You get that dazzling smile back for all your photographs in 2020!
  2. It gives a self confidence boost having a beautiful smile. Having whiter teeth can make people feel better about themselves. For people who feel that teeth are not their best asset and don’t like smiling in public, teeth whitening can knock that on the head and make them able to lift their head and smile naturally. And smiling has been shown to make people feel happier by releasing endorphins.
  3. It can make you look younger. As you age, your teeth will become stained and yellow. Coffee, wine, smoking and general life is to blame. Having whiter teeth can literally wipe years off and people will be focusing on your smile rather than on any wrinkles.
  4. People who care about the appearance of their teeth will usually take more care in their dental routine and will visit the dentist, use floss and brush regularly. So it can trigger could dental health.
  5. The treatment is painless and convenient for busy people. It is suitable under dentist guidance for all ages from age 18.

Teeth Whitening treatment should only be undertaken through a qualified dentist. Hope Park Dental Practice offers teeth whitening and we often have offers on too. This Christmas we have a special offer of teeth whitening treatment for only £200 reduced from £295!

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