Easter can be challenging time for parents to ensure their kids are not eating too much sugar.

Sugar causes dental caries (tooth decay) a softening in the enamel of the tooth, resulting in cavities.

Chocolate eggs and other sweet Easter treats are in abundance at this time of year and although it is important for our children to enjoy some treats here are some tips to reduce their chance of developing any dental problems.

Eating chocolate at meal times –

Keeping the eating of the chocolate around meal times reduces the chance of tooth decay. This is because the more frequent sugar is eaten, the harder it is for the mouth to recover from the sugar attacks.

Keeping it around meal times prevents snacking and grazing on sweet treats.

An alternative Easter egg hunt –

Rather than hiding lots of chocolate Easter eggs, why not hide plastic or card/paper eggs and have a chocolate Easter egg prize at the end of the hunt.

This means the children can still enjoy a fun game without collecting too many sugary treats.

Alternative Easter Eggs –

Why not try hard boiling some eggs and decorating them using some paints. This is a fun activity to occupy them in the Easter holidays and takes the focus away from chocolate eggs.

Dark chocolate instead of milk or white chocolate –

Dark chocolate contains less sugar, also usually less is required to satisfy a chocolate craving. There are also “Free From” eggs that are lower in sugar available, meaning they can still enjoy chocolate treats, but with less of an effect on their teeth.

As always ensure that your children follow a good oral hygiene routine, especially around times of the year where they may be more prone to developing tooth decay.